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Training in Zero Balancing

A basic level of proficiency in Zero Balancing is taught in two five day workshops, ZB1 and ZB2. In both workshops, the practical and theoretical foundations of Zero Balancing are presented with an emphasis upon direct hands-on learning.

In ZB1 you are introduced to the theory and skills of Zero Balancing. You will gain a practical understanding that will enable you to explore the use of Zero Balancing with family and friends. It is recommended that you should do this for several months at least before taking ZB2. At this second workshop you learn to improve your skills and to refine your touch. You develop a deeper understanding of the principles of Zero Balancing and their embodiment in practice.

After this workshop you may usually start to use Zero Balancing informally in your normal practice. Although taking two Basic workshops allows you to start an informal exploration of the use of Zero Balancing professionally, only those people who have satisfactorily completed the Certification Programme are recognised by the Zero Balancing Association UK as Certified Zero Balancers and permitted to promote themselves as such.

For further information visit Zero Balancing Association UK.