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Why have Zero Balancing?

How can Zero Balancing help?
Deep-held tension may be associated with physical injury, chronic stress, past trauma or unresolved personal history held in the body. Release at this core level helps to ease or end chronic body pain, allow natural realignment and improve posture. Furthermore, it re-establishes an even flow of energy and vitality in the body, the blockage of which is often the underlying cause for a wide range of conditions, including stress-related illness, anxiety and fatigue.

As well as addressing symptoms, Zero Balancing is just as effective at increasing the health and well-being of the ‘well person’. Having grown accustomed to the stress and pain that we carry in our bodies, often by dissociating from our physicality, Zero Balancing can help us discover levels of wellness that we have forgotten were possible. Suddenly we experience how good it is to be more fully embodied, centred and grounded in ourselves. We may feel more clarity of mind and lightness of heart, and generally more comfortable in our own skin.