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Further Benefits of Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing can act as a powerful catalyst for change within a person’s mental and emotional state, as well as within the physical body. Letting go of tension and rebalancing our energy at such a core level can give us an experience of our fundamental being – ‘balanced to zero’ – which is beyond the worries and concerns of our personality, thoughts and emotions. This helps us to let go of old attitudes and habits of being, embodied for so long, which no longer serve us. Such a bone-deep perspective frees us to respond to situations afresh, less bound by our habitual responses and past conditioning, often enabling us to see things more clearly, handle things better, and make changes that help us move forward in our lives.

People have reported the following benefits as a result of receiving Zero Balancing:

  • reduced stress and tension 
  • increased energy and vitality 
  • relief from body pain and discomfort, eg arthritis, chronic back pain 
  • improved flexibility and posture
  • relief from or resolution of stress-related conditions, e.g. irritable bowel, tension headaches, migraines, back/neck/shoulder pain, sleeplessness, frozen shoulder
  • reconnection to body and integration of mind-body-spirit 
  • reconnection to spirit
  • managing & integrating transitions and life changes 
  • facilitation of personal growth 
  • the experience of fundamental well-being

For more information about Zero Balancing go to the Zero Balancing Association UK’s website at www.zerobalancinguk.org.